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“I love Cannon Quotes! Some make you dig deep into thought as you dissect and pull motivation from each word, while others ump right out at you as a reminder about your path and purpose in life. No matter how they’re constructed, I am always left inspired.” - Toni Bowman


RaeShawn is a Life Strategist with a passion for helping individuals to discover their purpose, and develop the leader in them.  She is the go-to woman for individuals looking for clarity and purpose as they go through life transitions and experiences.  She serves as a trusted guide specifically in the areas of spiritual growth and development, personal growth and development, Transitional/Divorce Recovery, Emotional Empowerment and Leadership. 


Partner with RaeShawn to discover and claim your best life.


Purpose to Power Coaching Program

Focusing on the mental, physical and emotional environment that supports your purpose. This program is designed to help you build a compelling vision for where you want to be.

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Emotional Empowerment for Leaders

Based on the Emotional Intelligence Model by American psychologist Daniel Coleman, this program focuses on the five key areas of awareness that every leader must have to be successful.

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Personal + Professional

Life Coaching

From divorce recovery to career change, these tailored packages are designed to meet you where you are and give you the tools to take back control of your life and get where you desire to be.

To get started, simply book your Coaching Consult below!

“Your words and work are eloquent and excellent. Thank you for sharing your passion and your hear with us so our dreams and aspirations can flourish the more. You have motivated me more than you know.” - Zerita Hall

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