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Women In Power Positions

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W.I.P.P., or Women In Power Positions, is the young women's scholarship and mentoring division of RM Cannon Enterprises, a 501(c)3 corporation.   

RaeShawn Cannon, Owner and CEO, Inspired by her own educational and entrepreneurial journey, has a passion to connect young women with resources that will expand their educational opportunity base. In addition to providing scholarship opportunities, RaeShawn also seeks to provide opportunities for women, who have walked this journey out, to reach back and guide others in their pursuits though mentorship.

Commemorated by an annual luncheon, RaeShawn, and her team of accomplished educators, entrepreneurs and executives,  will present one young lady or woman with the W.I.P.P. E-STEM  (Entrepreneurial - Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) Scholarship.

For scholarship criteria and to apply online, 

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